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With great good humor, Milton Friedman often framed his economic advice in ways that everyone could understand. This centennial collection of twelve newly mastered DVDs comprises a unique tribute to the “Winning Ideas of Milton and Rose Friedman;” “Winning” because they have and continue to withstand the test of time. The Economist called him, “the most influential economist of the second half of the 20 century,” but Milton and Rose referred to themselves simply as, “Two Lucky People.” This collection contains many memories of the life they lived together, and the powerful ideas that resulted from that relationship.

The 12 discs in this collection run the gamut from stories about Milton and Rose by people who knew them best to Milton's almost prescient thoughts in disc 11 where he explains that democracies always self-destruct when government actions physically and morally bankrupt a nation.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

India Awakes: Now Available on Free To Choose.TV

India Awakes is now available for immediate streaming on Free To Choose.TV

India is coming alive and flourishing economically. In fact, Citigroup estimates that by 2050, India will have the world’s largest economy, larger than China and the United States. For many centuries, only the politically connected and elite prospered in India, while the rest of the population lived in poverty. However, since 1991, 250 million people have been lifted out of poverty and are finding new ways to flex their personal and economic power. “India Awakes” reveals the enormous power of unlocking human potential and ambition, and how doing so could establish this country as a preeminent world leader.

Ambrish Mehta, a founding member of ARCH-Vahini, helped the Sagai Village map out the land they farm so that they might ultimately be given a deed to their land.

The successful Chairman and Managing Director of MMR Group, Mannem Madhusudana Rao, is seen with his children outside his home.

Banwari Lal Sharma, the president of a street vendors association in India, leads a meeting in “India Awakes.”

You can also stream this full program on our Free To Choose Roku Channel. For channel details click here.